DW Collectors


The DW Collectors Kit With Keplinger Brass Snare drum sample library is a punchy sounding drum kit from our Mix Ready™ collection. This Drum Kit Pack contains a Kick, Snare, Rack and Floor Tom, all with multiple microphones ready for you to mix as you please.

Patches include Overheads, Rooms, Trash, Multiple Close Mics and more. Each patch has 5 velocity layers, and 12 variations per velocity for realistic and dynamic drum replacing.



Our DW Collectors Kit with Rare Keplinger Snare Drum Samples include multiple mic patches to give you more tonal control in the mix.

DW Collectors Kit & Keplinger Snare
DW Collectors Drum Badge Illustration

DW Collectors Kick Drum

This 22” x 20” kick drum is made by renowned drum makers DW.

We recorded these kick drum samples with the intention of providing a punchy sounding pop and rock kick drum.

This drum was struck at 5 different velocities with a medium felt beater.

Keplinger Brass Snare Drum

This super rare Keplinger snare is 5 x 14″ with a gentle ringing tone. Great for rock and pop.

DW Collectors Toms

These DW Collectors Toms include a 12″ Rack and 16″ Floor. Both drums include standard hits at multi velocities.

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Drumagog, Multi, Trigger

Sample Rate

48 KHz, 96 KHz