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Indie Drums Vol. 1, is a collection of kick and snare drums, with indie/rock/alternative/pop genres in mind, and the flexibility to sound great in other genres too. Each kick and snare have a clean variation, for cross genre compatibly, accompanied with several processed versions which lend themselves to modern indie rock genres. Think The Flaming Lips, Björk, Death Cab For Cutie, TV On The Radio…

Unlike many drum sample libraries, which simply provide dry mic recordings, Indie Drums Vol. 1 samples have been processed, blended and bounced as 24 bit/48 KHz stereo files.

For example, many of the snares were EQ’d and compressed to tape using the classic, vintage Harrison 3232 console channel strip and the Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor for the close mics. Then, carefully blended with the overheads and room mics recorded through an Avalon 747, with additional processing in Pro Tools | HD to add character. There is also kick drum sample which is a blend of close mics, overheads, and a strong bias to the room mics which were recorded through a vintage Universal Audio 1176 with all buttons in.

Although the samples have been processed, there is plenty of room for you, the engineer to scoop mids, or add punch… These samples sound like natural, acoustic drums with lots of body.

These samples helped me rescue an unusable drum track. I triggered the kick and snare off a mono drum track. They worked really well.
Timmy J– Award winning mix engineer (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Waifs, Even, Stereophonics…)

Full Patch List


Mapex Heel Down Drive
Mapex Heel Down Flutter
Mapex Heel Down Trashy
Mapex Heel Down
Mapex Heel Up Phat
Mapex Mallets
Sonor Hallway Trash
Sonor Close Hallway
Sonor Hallway
Sonor Phat
Sonor Room 1176 Slam
Sonor Soft
Sonor Sonic Boom
Sonor Spring Reverb
Yamaha Broken w/ Towel
Yamaha Buzz
Yamaha Gentle
Yamaha Hallway Trash
Yamaha Hallway
Yamaha Mallets Phat
Yamaha Waffle
Yamaha Hit


Hayman Dampened
Hayman Snare Off w/ Mallets
Hayman Pitch Shifted
Hayman Side Stick
Hayman Towel
Hayman Hit
Mapex M Series Hallway
Mapex M Series Side Stick
Mapex M Series Hit
Mapex Orion Blade
Mapex Orion Muted
Mapex Orion Side Stick
Mapex Orion Tambourine
Mapex Orion Towel
Mapex Orion Wood Brush
Mapex Orion Hit
Pearl Brass Dampened
Pearl Brass Hallway w/ Towel
Pearl Brass Hallway
Pearl Brass Keys on Head & Pitch Shift
Pearl Brass Keys on Head
Pearl Brass Hit


Pearl Broken
Pearl Broken and Damaged
Premier Vintage BIG
Premier Vintage Hit w/ Hands
Premier Vintage Hallway
Premier Vintage Mallets
Premier Vintage Snare Off
Premier Vintage Side Stick Phat
Premier Vintage Side Stick
Premier Vintage Tambourine Verb
Premier Vintage Tambourine
Premier Vintage Towel
Premier Vintage Hit
Sonor Dampened
Sonor Hallway
Sonor Snare Off Dampened w/ Verb
Sonor Snare Off Dampened
Sonor Snare Off Mallets
Sonor Snare Off
Sonor Side Stick
Sonor Towel
Sonor Hit

Available Formats

  • Multi (All below formats)
  • Drumagog
  • Trigger
  • .WAV

Sample Rates

  • 48 KHz

The Gear

All samples were recorded and edited on a ProTools HD system using high end modern and vintage equipment.

Microphones included: Neumann U87, Royer R122, AKG C414, ElectroVoice RE20, Audix D1, Shure SM57, Shure Beta 57a, Shure KSM141, Shure KSM32, Rode K2, Rode NT5s, Sennheiser MD441, Beyer Dynamic M88.

Outboard included: Harrison 3232 channel strips, Universal Audio LA610, Universal Audio 1175, Sebatron VMP 2000e, Digi Pre, Avalon 747, Emperical Labs EL8 Distressors, DBX 900 series compressors and EQs.


Producer: Simon Moro
Assistant: Shannyn Gelbart

Drummer: James Moro
Drummer: Matt Miller
Drummer: Luke Miller

Indie Drums - Spacer


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