Moody Custom


The Moody Custom with Brady Snare drum sample library is of a punchy and open sounding kit from our Mix Ready™ collection. This Drum Kit Pack contains a two Kick versions (with and without a pillow), Snare, Rack and Floor Tom, all with multiple microphones ready for you to balance to suit your music production.

Patches include Overheads, Rooms, Trash, Multiple Close Mics and more. Each patch has 5 velocity layers, and 12 variations per velocity for realistic and realistic drum replacing.



Our Moody Kit with Brady Snare offers great sounding natural drums with multi mics for Trigger and Drumagog.

Moody Custom Kit Illustration
Moody and Brady Logos

Moody Custom Kick Drum

This 22”x18” kick drum is made by Melbourne based drum manufacturer Jim Moody.

We recorded this kick drum with two variations for sonic flexibility. One version has a pillow inside for a tight, punchy sound, while the other is empty for an open, resonant sound.

Brady Custom Snare Drum

This is 5” x 14” solid wood custom snare drum made by the now defunct Australia drum manufacturer Brady Drums.

Moody Custom Toms

A 12″ Rack Tom made by Melbourne based drum manufacturer Jim Moody with matching with a 14″ floor tom.

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Drumagog, Trigger

Sample Rate

48 KHz, 96 KHz