DW Collectors Kit Lite


These free drum samples are of a punchy DW Collector’s Kit (Kick, Rack & Floor Toms) and a rare Keplinger Brass Snare. Each piece includes three patches: Close, Roomy and Slam.

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Our Free DW Collector’s Kit & Keplinger Snare Drum Kit Samples include multi velocity variations for added realism.

Drum Sample Details

These drum samples have been pre mixed, processed and blended for easy use in your production.

The CLOSE patch is great for detail and punch, while the ROOMY patch is perfect to use as a natural reverb, creating space around your drum sound. The SLAM patch is a Thermionic CultureCulture Vulture set to extremes… so be careful! Use the slam patch as a subtle blend for extra vibe!

Each patch has 3 velocity layers with 4 variations per velocity. If you need more variations, our premium drum kits have 5 velocities with 12 variations for each layer.

This Drum Kit is available in Trigger, Drumagog and .WAV formats.

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.WAV, Drumagog, Multi, Trigger