Sonor Delite


The Sonor Delite drum sample library is a solid sounding drum kit from our Mix Ready™ collection featuring multiple microphone channel. This Drum Kit Pack contains a Kick, Snare, Rack and Floor Tom.

Patches include Overheads, Rooms, Trash, Multiple Close Mics and more. Each patch has 5 velocity layers, and 12 variations per velocity for realistic drum replacing.

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Our Sonor Delite Drum Kit Samples include multiple mic channels to give you more flexibility in the mix.

Sonor Delite 4 Piece Drum Kit
Sonor Delite Drum Badge

Sonor Delite Kick Drum

A 22” x 18” maple kick drum offering plenty of warmth and tone with an incredible tuning range.

One creative change was made as we swapped out resonant head kick mic from a Milab BDM-01 to a Shure Beta52a.

We captured this kick drum with a Felt beater and a pillow inside for a tighter sound.

Sonor Delite Snare Drum

This Sonor Delite 5” x 14” snare drum is matched to the Sonor Delite drum kit and has a fat, buzzy sound. It includes hits and side stick articulations.

Sonor Delite Toms

The 12” Maple Rack tom is tuned to a medium resonance.

The 14” Maple Floor tom is tuned to a medium-low resonance.

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Drumagog, Trigger

Sample Rate

48 KHz, 96 KHz