Yamaha Maple Custom


The Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drum kit from our Mix Ready™ collection has a punchy and warm sound. This Drum Kit Sample Pack has a Kick, Snare, Rack & Floor Toms.

Patches include Overheads, Rooms, Trash, Multiple Close Mics and more. Each patch has 5 velocity layers, and 12 variations per velocity for natural sounding drum replacement.



Our Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drum Kit Samples have multiple mic channels to give you the most flexibility during mixdown.

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drumkit
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drum Badge

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Kick Drum

This 22×18″ kick drum by Yamaha provides a warm and punchy tonality. With the heads tuned to a low/medium resonance this kick will add another weapon to your arsenal and stretch across many different genres.

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Snare Drum

This is 5×14″ matched snare to our Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drum kit. We captured this drum with basic stick hits at six different velocities including rim shots as well as side stick hits and soft mallet hits with the snares off.

Tuned to a medium/high resonance, this drum is in your face and will cut through any mix.

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Toms

The 12″ rack tom is part of the matched Maple Custom Absolute series kit. Providing the best of both worlds this drum gives you both a strong attack and beautiful sustained medium resonance.

Tuned to a mighty low resonance, the 14″ floor tom provides a warm, rounded sustain with a medium-to-strong attack.

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Drumagog, Trigger

Sample Rate

48 KHz, 96 KHz